Why It Works

My name is Carl J Brandt and I am a General Practitioner and founder of Net Doctor and Slimming Doctor. On the following pages you can have a look and see how Slimming Doctor UK works, and how you can benefit from signing up as a member.
We are a team of GPs, dietitians and activity consultants who, over the last few years, have helped several thousand Danish people lose weight over the internet.
Now, Slimming Doctor is coming to the UK. We have extensive experience of what works and what doesn’t. Our standard weight loss programme lasts three months. During this time you can realistically expect to lose 8 to 10 kilos (16 to 20 lb).
If you would like to lose more weight after this, we can provide you with a further tailor-made programme. You can discuss this in detail with your personal advisor online. We don’t recommend strict diets as they are hard to follow. Instead our goal is to plan a programme for you based around your personal goals and lifestyle.
We understand that losing weight can be a real struggle for some people, particularly if you are denied some of the foods that you really enjoy. We won’t ban your favourite foods and we will offer practical, personalised suggestions to help you lose weight.
We have pleasure in inviting you to have a look around our website and look forward to helping you once you have signed up.
Yours sincerely,
Carl J. Brandt, GP

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