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We offer a premium weight loss service by giving members access to private e-health consultations with registered dietitians, and activity consultants. No other online weight loss community has access to this level of health professional support.

The team behind todaysdietitiancookbook.com is:

Dr Carl Brandt – Director
Carl is a General Practitioner from Denmark and a co-founder of the highly successful European wide internet health portal NetDoctor, as well as other e-health ventures, including the Danish weight management site Slankedoktoren (Slimming Doctor is the English translation). He has extensive experience in e-health, both from an academic and commercial perspective.

Dr Jennie Cockroft – Director
Jennie is a registered public health nutritionist who currently works in both the academic and commercial sectors. Jennie enjoys strong links with the Nutrition Society, SENSE (Self-Employed Nutritionists Support and Enlightenment group) and Dietitians Unlimited through her high profile role in the freelance field.

Dr Sara Kirk – Director
Sara is a UK registered dietitian who currently works in the academic arena conducting health-related research. Sara’s primary research interest is obesity and in particular, novel treatment methods for obesity, including the use of the internet. Sara was part of the NICE Guidance Development Group that has produced national guidance for obesity prevention.

Lisa Lovell – UK lead dietitian
Lisa is a UK registered dietitian currently working part time in the NHS where she manages a large team of Community Dietitians. Lisa has many years experience advising people how to lose weight both on a one to one basis and in a group setting and has a regular clinical caseload within a busy GP practice. Lisa is also a key member of the Obesity Strategy Group for the local PCT.

Helen Lale – UK registered dietitian
Helen is a UK registered dietitian with a special interest in weight management. Her experience includes many years helping people lose weight in general practice, both on a one-to-one basis and in a group setting. Helen trains other dietitians and primary care teams on weight management techniques and also conducts research around obesity and weight loss.

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